August 20, 2010

"A sad bird got feather broken"

"I should be to die because I have transmitted your demand to others topic is opposite your remind but I would like to admit a fault you that will be research which some topic as follow ensure of your demanded . right now if you want to kill me in trusty I have no powerful to find to the .. topic on my sight. Because I have a lot of task the supervision to the team technical."


"X will not present on the topic, because he has no enough time to prepare it. He said, he needs more time to prepare it. "

PS: the title is the subject of the mail


  1. You have to love the poesie and drama! it would make my work so much more interesting if we adopted such email language... hehe

  2. if london would adopt this language...haha don't want to think what would happen to the city... even though the title of the mail could be a good metaphor to the banks crash hahaha...