September 21, 2010

Shhhhht…don’t tell that to anyone…

This is a phrase that even if you use in Cambodia, you will be sure that NO one respects your privacy… So whatever u have in mind, better keep it to yourself!!!
First week in Cambodia, exposed to everything new, including the food and water, of course there were some problems of adaptation. We were in a workshop in Sihanoukville (cannot believe how time flies) with all the organization, and I made the mistake to ask someone whether they had some pills for stomachache. Next thing I knew, everyone was asking me (by words or signs): is your stomach better? I knew then that privacy is not really an option around :-)

One day, one of the project managers (with everyone in CC) received an email with a report from one of the colleagues, and in PS I hope u feel better.. He had to reply to EVERYONE in CC that he had stomach pain and bad stomach because the vegetables are not treated with the legal chemicals and other details like that…

Today, we are having a surprise party for one of the expats who is leaving…Guess what? well, it’s not a surprise anymore..the cleaner made sure to go to Astrid and tell her paty fo you, me buy fru (fruits)… hahaha

Personal matters of the staff are basically known by everyone…

If I take a sick day and I stay at home, the cleaner will make sure that everyone in the office knows how "sick" I actually was...hahaha

So careful with the secrets when in Cambodia!!


  1. Am descoperit de curand blogul tau si il voi urmari de acum inainte. Cambodgia este una din tarile de pe shortlist-ul meu de vizitat :)

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