June 28, 2010

Rain, weekend and other trivia

I don’t think I have experienced rain like this before. Rain here starts all of a sudden, without giving you any time do run home or go and hide somewhere. It is just like pressing a button and it starts pouring down and it can pour down for hours... When you are inside, it is a very nice feeling, at least for me. I like rain and the sound of it when I am inside. But if you are unlucky to be outside, well..tough luck!
Anyway, my first weekend in PP was good fun. We went out to this bar called Equinox, where most expats and travelers hang out, where there was a live band – Los Poporks – ( a mix of all possible nationalities) playing some funky jazz. It was good music and nice atmosphere, but sooooo HOT…I could feel the sweat drops dripping of me…Make up? All gone after one hour… the people are very laid back here, all smiley and very relaxed..it’s a nice atmosphere, you can talk to anyone without any prejudices..
I also went out to this club where the music was good but the atmosphere was a bit strange.. It was full of travelers I suppose, looking like Americans on their spring break, trying to get as much xxx as they could.. and it was full of Khmer girls, dressed in mini shorts, trying to get foreign men. I was a bit disgusted by this to be honest, but at least they had common interests and probably no one was leaving home without getting what they wanted… Khmer people do not usually go out (very rare are the ones who do, usually the ones who are better off), the only ones who go out are Khmer girls looking for I dunno, a better life I suppose.. I think me and my group we were just a bit lost there, trying to dance and have a bit of fun.. the weirdest part was when this American bloke asked me whether we were prostitutes..i thought I did not understand correctly so I asked him to repeat… and he repeated.. oh well, I suppose he thought all girls there were there for business…
But you can definitely have fun here as well, and drinks cost so much less (2.5$ a cocktail is good no?)
From all things planned for the weekend, I didn’t get to do even half of them…because of the bloody rain that perturbed my plans, and also a bit of laziness..but I went to this place where you can do shoes on your measure with 15$, and I could not resist not ordering a pair of sandals..mind you, I am investing in their economy so I am doing a good thing no? haha
I was also looking for a helmet, as I am planning to drive the moto again, however all helmets we found were too large..which is a bit strange seeing how small people are here..not that the helmet would protect too much as usually the quality is very very bad… and the traffic, well I cannot even begin to explain the traffic. What can I tell you? That when you go out of the house you might as well say your prayers and goodbyes to everyone just in case you won’t make it to the office or where you are supposed to go ? hahah, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but just a bit .. I think the riskier way to commute here is by feet haha as no one but NO ONE stops at the crossovers..they barely stop at the traffic lights.. there are some policemen at the crossovers with big STOP signs who cross the street with you while holding the sign up and whistling that the cars and motos and tuk tuks stop. But not even then do they stop!!! I think there is a single rule for traffic here: NOT TO STOP WHATEVER HAPPENS…that is why I guess Cambodians who afford cars buy big Lexuses and Toyota 4x4, because the bigger you are the less risky it is to get killed, if bumped into haha..but no, it is not a joke..here, it is the survival of the fittest when it comes to walking or driving on the streets ..
There are fakes for everything here, but EVERYTHING you can think of. For example, ladies they have MAC make up here, with very small prices..and OPI nail polish here, called BO..you can’t imagine what it smells like haha
I went to the biggest shopping center in PP and it’s something on 7 floors, something like our Unirea in Bucharest, but with all the possible fakes you can think of, probably imported from China…And there I had a manicure and pedicure with 2$, which wasn’t that professional, not to say unprofessional at all..they had all their utensils on the floor with no hygiene whatsoever, they were 5-6 girls working there in a very very small place, but hopefully my nails won’t fall off haha… here it is very common to have the nails done, but not like we do, but with a lot of designs and stones and flowers and flags and everything you can think of …they are very skilled in paintings on the nails..i will try that once haha but not in the same place. I will go in the 4 $ I heard is a bit more professional!!

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