July 07, 2010

Funny e-mail :-)


How do you do? I’m very happy to meet you on Email address

how are you ? I think that 100% maybe on my self and New clinic staff. we so to miss you !

Because you are a top actress been popular and warm blooded to Staff in during were staff retreat work shop on seaside.

This is a symbol of creative souvenir for heritage of my mention that I got best Director.

Right now I got a top of honorable to send you of Monthly report.


  1. eu chiar nu inteleg nimic...
    sunt eu deranjat?

  2. nu...nici eu nu am inteles nimic!! basically, domnul asta trimite un raport atasat acestui mail..insa in mail ii multumeste doamnei ca a fost draguta la workshop...acum mai mult jur ca nu inteleg!! :-)))) dar e funny nu?