July 13, 2010

Very short everyday stories

Do you know the “chicken game”? Well, I’m sure you have seen it in the movies… it’s when two cars approach each other and one of them has to get out of the way for the other to pass…and so one of them is the chicken who gets scared and gets out of the way…well, try to imagine that game applied in traffic here, where everyone is playing the chicken game all the time… mind you, Cambodians really like playing games, so maybe that’s why…AND of course I have also been playing it, because there is no opt-out possibility…what annoys me most is when a big Lexus sees me on a bike and still does not care…I thought that the weaker vehicles, i.e. a bike, would have priority in this madness here...but NO!!! I promise to film this one of these days and post it here…

I have shown you in a previous post the monsoon in Cambodia…there is a LOT of water no? and plants get soaked with water here…well, after one monsoon 2 hour – episode, our guard at the office was…guess what he was doing… hahahha yes indeed, he was WATERING THE PLANTS!!! why??? I have no idea whatsoever…

And the funniest story is the story of the HUNGRY gecko… geckos here are everywhere but usually on the walls or ceilings, outside or in bathrooms…they make specific sounds – you would think it’s bird, but it’s that bloody little lizard… (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Leuvmyly7xk) you get used to them, they become your pets, your friends hahah but yesterday when astrid opened the door to the fridge, we discovered a small gecko…which was disgustingly ugly hahaha but probably he was looking for food, that is insects in our fridge…well, he might as well found some, as it is FULL of insects everywhere…all kinds of them, yes girls all kinds of them ( pt tze si alina, stiti gandacu de la voi din baie, well, sa zicem ca ala e minciuna pe langa orataniile de aici…si alina stii cand iti cadeau gandaci in cap la crazy? well, sa zicem ca aia sunt furnici pe langa monstrii de aici hahahha; e drept sunt mai putini in capitala, dar in provincii am fost atacata de cel putin 10 ori…)

oh and of course i need to mention this, i think i shortly mentioned it before :-) people here do not really speak english, some tuk tuk drivers do, but very rarely are the ones who do..BUT don't think that even if they do speak english they will understand YOUR english :-))) because they have a very special accent, and if you do not adapt to that accent they will never understand you. one day we spent maybe about 10 minutes explaining to this tuk tuk driver that we wanted to get to the lucky supermarket, which is very known around. we told him where it was, of course we tried in khmer with the 3 words we know, we tried showing him the map (most don't know how to read the map, and do not know streets by their numbers..), and when we were almost giving up, another guy comes along and tries to help us, and he figures out where we want to go and he tells the tuk tuk driver, in khmer: they want to go to the luuuuuuuuckyyyyy markiiiiit and the tuk tuk driver goes aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, luuuuuckyyyyy markiiiiiit and he takes us there right away...so, it was just a matter of pronounciation :-)))
the idea behind it is that you do not finish the words...i will give you an example:
if you want to ask for some lemon juice for instance, you ask for some liiimon ju ( we tried that in the russian market and it worked perfectly)hahah
the only problem with this would be that i forget all my english and i will start speaking khmer english pretty soon :-)))))

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  1. so cool... I can't wait to hear speak khmenglish. You'd be really special :))