August 23, 2010

Oh noooo, it's a funeral...

If you ever go to Cambodia, you might experience a funeral on your street, or a wedding for that matter..It's kinda the same, just the intonation of the music differs. It's a 3 days and 3 nights "fiesta", that takes place on the streets or if the family can afford renting it, in a garden. They decorate it properly as for a party, with tables and chairs covered in silk cloth, with flower arrangements and "la piece de resistance": loud, loud, incredibly loud SPEAKERS. You might notice the frustration in my words.. that is because I have experienced this wonderful event this weekend, the first weekend in the Penh when I really wanted to get some SLEEP...consideration and respect for neighbors? what???!? well, the neighbors are more than happy to be woken up in the beautiful sounds of the drums (no rhythm whatsoever just banging, loud banging, continuously) at 5 am, continued by someone singing or saying its speeches, or mourning or whatever they were doing...that went on from 5 am until 11 pm, with small, but very small breaks...when u thought they quiet down, and u could get a quick nap, they started again... I passed through various stages of thoughts and feelings, and compassion very quickly turned into hate the second day, I was extremely curious to see what is going on in that garden, and as the door was open, I had a quick glance inside... there were about 10-15 tables as I told u arranged with white silk cloth, with colorful flower arrangements and offerings, and people were dressed in white. By the sound of it, I was expecting to see thousands of people, well, there were maximum 10.... maybe the agglomeration of people depended on the hour of the day... but the sound did not depend on the hour, nor the number of people present..

A friend of mine told me when I arrived in PP that I will experience IT, but I thought oh, he is exaggerating, he has no idea how loud gypsies weddings in Romania are...well, I can tell you that after 3 days and 3 nights of this, I was missing the "fara numar" dedications of our gypsies' colorful street weddings...

PS: I hope my neighbors will stay healthy and have a long life!!

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